Best Ways to Recover After Orthopedic Surgery in Michigan

Best Ways to Recover After Orthopedic Surgery in Michigan

Best Ways to Recover After Orthopedic Surgery in MichiganWith most all orthopedic surgeries, physical therapy plays an important role when it comes to rehabilitation.  From less invasive procedures to total joint replacements, physical therapy is imperative to optimizing your recovery and restoring your full function.

Most surgeons refer patients to physical therapy after a surgery.  In some circumstances, however, doctors will merely provide their patients with a list of home exercises, leaving patients on their own.  But without the help of a Detroit physical therapist guiding your progression, monitoring your exercise performance, giving tips to improve effectiveness and looking out for post-surgical complications, you’re missing a key partner in the process of recovery.

Rehabilitation after surgery begins with a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation, focusing on recovery protocols, strength, range of motion, goals, and prognosis.  If there were particular activities or job-related duties you’d like to return to, a licensed physical therapist will create a plan based on these goals. A credentialed, experienced Detroit Physical Therapists will ensure you progress quickly and safely through the rehabilitation stages in order for you to meet your rehab goals. If you are searching for a Dearborn physical therapy provider or a Detroit physical therapy provider, look no further than our Allen Park physical therapy clinic.

Stage 1: Restoring Motion

A typical protocol following an orthopedic procedure begins with passive or gentle therapy.

Your physical therapist will help you with a variety of movements, depending on the area(s) being treated, to improve your mobility and prepare you for stage 2.

Stage 2: Helping You with Your Range of Motion

You will progress gradually through active and assisted exercises to increase your range of motion. During this phase, the Physical Therapist also gives guidance as you begin to gradually move on to strengthening.

Stage 3: Strengthening

When your active range of motion is successfully restored, you will slowly begin with a strengthening protocol.  This involves different exercises along with the use of various strengthening equipment.

Stage 4: Restoring Optimal Movement

This last restorative phase will implement all the building steps allowing you, with the help of your therapist, to move effectively and efficiently through your everyday tasks.

Physical therapy is not the only necessary element to enhance rehabilitation.  If you want a healthy recovery after having an orthopedic surgery such as knee replacement or a fracture repair, you should also factor in proper nutrition along with rest and appropriate wound care.  

Orthopedic surgery may place considerable stress on the body as metabolism, blood pressure, cortisol levels may elevate while in repair mode. In addition, a nutritious, well-balanced, hydrated diet becomes indispensable for good tissue growth, joint lubrication, speedy recovery, and repair. If you are searching for a leading Detroit physical therapy clinic, look no further, our Allen park physical therapy clinic is fully suited to handle anyone in the metro Detroit area.

There are several nutrients that serve as building blocks during the post-operative period and assist in a shorter recovery.   Most of these healing essentials can be obtained easily from the foods you regularly consume, including lean proteins, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, fiber, turmeric, collagen and omega 3.  Eating foods that are rich in these nutrients can help you recover faster from orthopedic surgery, however, make sure to consult with your doctor on the appropriate proportions.

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